Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Human Snake

A human recreation of snakes. Visit to play a human version of breakout (bricks, arkanoid), watch the behind the scenes clip and learn more.

Johan Lorbeer’s Still Life Performance and its Secret

Johan Lorbeer is a German street performer. He became famous in the past few years because of his “Still-Life” Performances, which took place in the public area. His installations includes “Proletarian Mural” and “Tarzan”, which are famous in Germany. Several of these performances feature Lorbeer in an apparently impossible position.

With his still-life performances, this German artist seems to unhinge the laws of gravity. For hours on time, he remains, as a living work of art, in physically impossible positions. Elevated or reduced to the state of a sculpture, he interacts with the bewildered and irritated audience, whose appetite for communication rises as time goes by, often culminating in the wish to touch the artist in his superhuman, angelic appearance in order to participate in his abilities.

Is it magic or does Johan really have superhuman ability? Check out Johan’s little secret at the end of the page.

Secret of Johan Lorbeer Still-Life Performance Tarzan:
Here’s a little clue on the trick; His arm is the supporting bar, and his real arm is hide inside his cloth.

Johan Lorbeer Official Site

Snow much fun!

Su Lin, a 2-year-old giant panda at the San Diego Zoo, enjoyed the cool feel of snow on an unusually hot day in San Diego on April 27, 2008. The San Diego Zoo's Giant Panda Research Station was covered in 15 tons of snow on Sunday. In two weeks, on May 10, the Zoo's polar bear exhibit will be blanketed with snow as part of Bear Awareness Days, presented by Mission Federal Credit Union. The fun and educational four-day event discusses bear conservation efforts.
(UPI Photo/Ken Bohn/San Diego Zoo)

Why dogs are good for kids

Children run less risk of being sensitive to allergens if there is a dog in the house in the early years of their lives, scientists have found.

The conclusion, based on a six-year study of 9,000 children, adds weight to the theory that growing up with a pet trains the immune system to be less sensitive to potential triggers for allergies such as asthma, eczema and hay fever.

The “hygiene theory” of allergy holds that modern life has simply become too clean, meaning that babies’ immune systems are not exposed to enough germs to develop normally.

Having a dog provides enough dirt of the right kind.

Source: Times Online

Too cute for words

Are Tibetan Mastiff puppies the cutest?

See more cuteness at WaWaTay Tibetan Mastiffs.

Joke: Ice Fishing

A blond decides to go ice fishing one day. She takes her stool and her fishing pole onto the ice, and cuts a big hole. Then a voice says:


Perplexed, the blond moves her stool 100 feet, sits down again and goes to work cutting another hole. Again, the voice said:


Clearly flustered, she moves the stool to one last spot, sits down, and picks up her auger. Again, the voice boomed:


Finally, she can't take it. She cries out, "God, is that you?"


Need a dog to walk?

One of the benefits of owning a dog is getting exercise while talking it for a walk. But what if you don't want all the responsibilities of owning a real dog?

Just get yourself a walking dog balloon! They come in three heart warming varieties – a pretty pug, a darling dachshund and a remarkable retriever.

They have been balanced perfectly so that when filled with helium they float just above the ground with their little feet dangling to the floor. When you gently walk with them, pulling the lead, their little legs and feet appear to walk giving a super fun, realistic K9 look.

Guaranteed to convince everyone you meet that you are totally crazy.

(via nerd approved)

Dull Dog?

With Fairy Tail Dust Body Bling for Dogs your dog can now glimmer in the moonlight or glitter while she's greeting you at your front door - or hide under the bed in shame because of what her goofy owner is subjecting her to.

Under no circumstances should you apply this stuff to a cat, not if you ever want a peaceful night's sleep afterwards.

(via Dog Bliss)

Dog to Unicorn Transformation Kit

This is not a costume. This is a kit to completely transform your beloved pug or beagle from a cute canine to the ultimate unicorn. It includes screw-in horn, hoof attachments, medical grade glue, peroxide, mane fur, a tail and a handful of glitter! Just peroxide the color out of your dogs hair and attach the fur and accessories with glue. Once you have the horn in place (Dremel not included) your beloved pooch will be ready to accompany you to fairyland. Please specify size of dog when ordering. Not legal in California, New Mexico and part of Maine.

Dog to Unicorn Transformation Kit

(via the Presurfer)

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Natalie Port-a-potty

She may be an international movie star, but this impudent pooch can't tell the difference between Natalie Portman and a fire hydrant.


Laundry helper

"Laundry Laughs" uploaded by Lanamaniac

Okefenokee Swamp gator to live on in display

Visitors loved Oscar, the Okefenokee Swamp Park's resident 13-foot, 5-inch, 1,000-pound, alligator, who often slumbered on the freshly mowed grass and sometimes the concrete walkways in the park.

But sometime during his long life, someone must have wanted his hide.

Oscar survived a shotgun blast to the face, at least three bullet wounds to the head, turf wars, multiple broken bones and crippling arthritis. Officials know that now because the beloved old gator died last July and the evidence is visible in his bones.

Oscar died about a year ago, but within a few months, visitors will be able to view him once again, or at least his skeleton, which is being mounted like that of a museum dinosaur. The contents of Oscar's stomach at death will also be included in the display: a plastic dog collar, a dog's tag, a penny, pieces of plastic, rocks and the top section of a flagpole.


Feds sued for taking gray wolves off endangered list

Environmental and animal rights groups are suing the federal government in hopes of restoring endangered species protections for gray wolves in the Northern Rockies.

Wolves in 1974 almost disappeared as a species in 48 US states -- excluding Alaska and Hawaii -- except for some isolated packs in Minnesota and Michigan.

In 1995, 66 wolves were released by the government in Idaho and in the nearby Yellowstone National Park with the hope they would propagate and multiply.

The program was successful. Currently, an estimated 1,200 wolves roam Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

But now, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has removed the region’s 1,500 wolves from the endangered list in March, turning over management responsibilities to state officials in Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.

Defenders of Wildlife said in a statement that Wyoming and Idaho authorities had given their residents a blank check for the "senseless and indiscriminate killing of wolves."

Source: CANOE


This is Mondex, a 5-year-old Chihuahua, posing as he walks the aisle dressed as a scuba diver during a dog show at a mall in suburban Manila on Sunday April 27, 2008. Mondex bagged first place during the fashion show category.

Was he trying to compete with that penguin?

AP Photo/Aaron Favila

Monday, 28 April 2008

Is your pet a Boomer?

New studies and statistics about the "Baby Boomer" generation dominate the headlines almost daily, but there is another population, the nation's 45 million "Pet Boomers", which is quietly slipping into its senior years.

On average, pets age seven times faster than humans. Consequently, the potential for age-related disease also progresses seven times as fast. Unfortunately, many pet owners are unaware of the signs of animal aging which may actually indicate treatable health problems.

Certain health conditions can occur more often in aging pets. Below are five common health conditions that every pet owner should monitor in their pets.
* Weight Gain
* Tooth Decay and Gum Disease
* Stiff Joints and Slower Movement
* Changes in Coat and Skin
* Eye Abnormalities

Is your pet a boomer? is a great new web resource for all pet owners. It offers quizzes, facts, statistics on the aging pet population and is a terrific for pet owners dealing with traveling with a pet, pet poisons and emergencies.

This short video segment from Marty Becker, DVM, a nationally recognized pet expert, author and Good Morning America contributor, features five common health conditions in aging pets.

Photo from Flickr by Corsi_photo

Back seat driver

From American Tibetan Mastiff Association Photo Gallery. There are many, many more wonderful photos there.

Cutest cupcakes

This is one of the finalists in the Martha Stewart Cutest Cupcake Contest. Chicken Cupcakes by Dustin Nakamura

Mario Theme Played with RC Car and Bottles

Super Mario theme recreated by driving an RC car at perfectly placed line of glass bottles. Pretty damn cool.

Celebrities Childhood Pictures

A lot of pictures of celebrities when they were young, before they were famous.