Saturday, 30 August 2008

Video: Cat House on the Kings

The Cat House on the Kings, is no-cage, no-kill, lifetime cat sanctuary and adoption center run by Lynea Lattanzia in Parlier, California. There are currently over 700 cats living on the 12 acre sanctuary and all of them are up for adoption.

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Video: Oktopodi - Another love story

A marvelous animation from Gobelins School of Animation in France.

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Chihuhua male name

Here is a pretty good list of male chihuahua dog names to help
you find the perfect one for your chihuahua puppy!

Chihuhua male name starting with a A
Adonis, Aladdin, Ali, Amigo, Apollo, Artemis, Astro, Atari, Atlas, Avis
Chihuhua male name
Chihuhua male name starting with a B
Bach, Bacon, Bailey, Banjo, Baxter, Beau, Benji, Bentley, Bozo, Brownie

Chihuhua male name starting with a C
Cajun, Cargo, Cash, Chaplin, Cheddar, Chester, Chopin, Cliff, Clipper, Curry

Chihuhua male name starting with a D
Dakota, Dali, Dallas, Detour, Devil, Dilbert, Dingo, Dragon, Dream, Dusty

Chihuhua male name starting with a E
Echo, Edgar, Ego, Einstein, Elliott, Elmo, Elvis, Ervin, Ewok, Export

Chihuhua male name starting with a F
Felix, Fido, Finch, Fizz, Flannel, Fletch, Flick, Fox, Franco, Freud

Chihuhua male name starting with a G
Gadget, Gandhi, Genius, Gin, Goliath, Gordy, Gregg, Groucho, Guru, Gyros

Chihuhua male name starting with a H
Hamlet, Handsome, Harley, Henry, Hero, Hershey, Homer, Hoover, Howard, Hulk

Chihuhua male name starting with a I
Ian, Ice, Igloo, Igor, Indy, Irving

Chihuhua male name starting with a J
Jack, Jackpot, Jasper, Jeremy, Jerky, Jetset, Jim, Joker, Judge, Justice

Chihuhua male name starting with a K
Kaiser, Kalhua, Kellogg, Kelvin, Kenny, Kent, Killer, Kilo, Kiwi, Kryspy

Chihuhua male name starting with a L
Larry, Laser, Lee, Lenny, Lewis, Lexus, Little, Loony, Lotus, Lucky

Chihuhua male name starting with a M
Macho, Major, Malcolm, Mambo, Martini, Max, Melvin, Midget, Mondo, Mustang

Chihuhua male name starting with a N
Nacho, Ned, Neil, Neon, Nestor, Newton, Nillson, Nitro, Norton, Nugget

Chihuhua male name starting with a O
Oak, Oliver, Omega, Onyx, Orbit, Oreo, Orscar, Othello, Otis, Ozzy

Chihuhua male name starting with a P
Paco, Pavlov, Peanuts, Peewee, Peso, Pete, Ping, Pinto, Pluto, Pogo

Chihuhua male name starting with a Q
Quaker, Quartz, Quiche, Quick, Quinn, Quito

Chihuhua male name starting with a R
Racer, Rasta, Reboot, Ringo, Rocky, Roder, Romeo, Roy, Rupert, Rusty

Chihuhua male name starting with a S
Sam, Sausage, Scampi, Schwartz, Scooter, Scotch, Scotty, Scuba, Shadow, Sherlock

Chihuhua male name starting with a T
Tango, Tao, Tatoo, Taxi, Ted, Theo, Thumper, Tito, Turbo, Twister

Chihuhua male name starting with a U
Udo, Ulric, Umaga, Uncle, Unger, Ungo, Uttley

Chihuhua male name starting with a V
Valentino, Van-Dam, Vanelli, Veggie, Velcro, Venus, Victor, Vince, Vivaldi, Volt

Chihuhua male name starting with a W
Waldo, Walter, Warrior, Wasabe, Whiskey, Whistler, Wilson, Windy, Wolfgang, Wonton

Chihuhua male name starting with a X
Xane, Xavier, Xerox

Chihuhua male name starting with a Y
Yahoo, Yankee, Yazzy, Yoda, Yogi, Yoyo, Yule, Yum, Yuri

Chihuhua male name starting with a Z
Zack, Zephyr, Zero, Zeus, Ziggy, Zippo, Zola, Zoom, Zorro, Zulu

Friday, 29 August 2008

Today's ahhhh!

Problem with Comments

There appears to be a problem with the comments left on my blog. I receive an email notification of a new comment, but it doesn't appear here. Checked the help group, and others are experiencing it as well, but there doesn't seem to be a fix for it.

Update: Looks like it's just my "Silly Kitties" post that is giving me problems. I can only see the comments after "Anonymous" if I collapse that particular comment. Unfortunately, I there is no trash can to delete it. Thanks for your help, NT.

'Bark Mitzvah' for Elvis the Dog

Elvis the dog is one pampered pooch. His owner spent $10,000 to throw Elvis a "bark mitzvah."

Check out this Web Extra video from the big night.

Blowdryer malfunction

Photo found at 45 Beautiful Motion Blur Photos

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Photo credit: From flickr by Amnemona

A tough little guy

He may not look fierce, but Pawlee, an 8-month-old cocker spaniel-poodle mix, scared off a mother bear and her two cubs who wandered into his owners' backyard in Wyckoff, N.J. The bears decided to vamoose when they heard Pawlee's furious barking.

Video Game Tattoos

Yes we all love games but some people go to the extent of having their favourite game characters tattooed on their body. Pretty cool I must say especially when you can show it off to your friends.

Convert your Old TV into a Fish Tank

Since we’re environmentally aware and we really want to recycle as much as we can, we thought we’d show you a little trick for your old TV set - how to turn it into an aquarium. Naturally, the tube will have to come out and replaced with the aquarium. Fish swimming are certainly more relaxing to see than some of the shitty shows and news we get fed on a daily basis. Kitty seems to like it too!

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Dog Treats Guide - How to Choose Dog Treats

Dogs are just like people when it comes to liking something. They have different tastes and feelings towards different things. Certain dogs may like one taste of dog food while another may not even give it a chance. The only way to know what your dog will like for dog treats is to try different ones and go from there.

There are so many different kinds and tastes when it comes to dog treats. The different flavors may not be as agreeing with all dogs. The only way to know if your dog will like a certain dog treat is to give him one and see what the dog's reaction is. If the dog likes this particular dog treat, then he will surely let you know by wagging his tail, and licking his lips.

If the dog hates this dog treat, chances are he will drop it to the ground, sniff it and walk away all after he gives you a very dissatisfying look. This is how most dogs would react. Some dogs may even bark at you as if to say, "what were you thinking". However, this is the only way that you will ever know if the dog agrees with your choice in treats or not.

If you have more than one dog, you may find that they all like a different treat. If this is the case, then you will have to buy more than one brand of dog treat. When this happens, it may be hard to keep them straight especially if you have a few dogs. The best way to keep the dog treats separate and know which one is for what dog, you will have to put them in separate containers and mark them.

There is crunchy, soft, sweat, and salty dog treats available. There are so many that you will be sure to find a few dog treats that your dog will love.

Keeping the dog treats in airtight containers with lids will keep them safe and secure from the dogs as well. They will not be able to help themselves when they feel like it. Use clear plastic or glass containers and write the dogs name on the outside of the container so that you know what dog treats are for what dog. This will make your life a whole lot easier because you will not be mixing up the treats. That will make your dog just as happy and satisfied as you are.

For more about dog treats and how you can provide the best for your dog, please visit:

The Top 10 Best Attack Helicopter in the World

The Top 10 Best Attack Helicopter in the World.

Lego Vs. Real Life

Sometimes beautiful, sometimes strange, sometimes you wanna cry... This is real life photo gallery Vs. lego life. Everything is much prettier in unreal lego world. Enjoy viewing it!