Monday, 6 October 2008

Giant Animals Still Roam the Earth

A couple of years ago, some 11 year old boy killed the largest wild boar anyone has ever seen. The thing is unbelievably massive. Actually, to be exact, it was "1,051 pounds and measured 9-feet-4 from the tip of its snout to the base of its tail". Seriously? No one notice this thing walking around? It's bigger than my car. And he killed it with a hand gun? Who goes hunting with a hand gun? After reading about this pig-monster, I could think about only 1 thing: how sick of eating pork this kid's family is going to become.

Some more pictures of such giant animals after the jump.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Traveling With Pet Strollers

There are many good reasons why a dog stroller is an important piece of equipment. One of them is for travel purposes.

Traveling with your puppy or dog will be a lot easier when you use dog strollers. You can transport your dog from one place to another without worrying that he might get lost or run away from you. Besides being carriers, pet strollers are also ideal crates where your pet can rest or get nap when he gets tired from walking.

A stroller can be very beneficial for dogs with disabilities or those who are just recuperating from an injury or surgery. This equipment will let you carry your canine easily and comfortably anywhere you wish to go. An old dog who gets tired from walking can still roam around if you put him inside a stroller, while also creating a confined space away from possible dangers and accidents in the street like fast raging cars and road hazards.

It is also practical to use a dog stroller when you are transporting a litter of dogs and puppies. You can put them all inside a single stroller, preventing them from escaping inside the mall or at the yard. Pet strollers can really give you quality time with your dogs allowing you to travel with them in various places, more than what dog leashes or other kinds of pet carriers allow.

You can show the beauty of the outside world if you take your dog around town inside a stroller. More than being fashionable, pet strollers offer undeniable comfort for your dogs or puppies without any worries on your end.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Do we really have to?


Kitty Toupee

1. Brush your kitty.
2. Remove hair wad from brush and make a stylish toupee!
3. Take a picture and send it to kittytoupee(AT)

Look at the kitties with toupees.

Just Lion Around

(photo via Cellar)

Hot Golf Lesson

Why Women Live Longer than Men

It is a funny look at guys and how we do things. After looking at these it will give you no doubt that most women will live longer than men (well at least longer than the guys in these photos).