Saturday, 16 August 2008

Carefully Select Your Dog’s Diet

The number of animal lovers is increasing all around the world. Many people especially in the western countries love to have a pet in their home. Many of these pets are treated as a family member rather than an animal. Dogs are most popular among the pets these days. For many reason dogs became an integral part of today’s society.
Carefully Select Your Dog’s Diet
Dog owners should have a good knowledge about what ingredients to use in a dog food. Sometime they unconsciously create health problem for dogs by feeding them unhealthy foods. Before feeding different types of food to dogs; owners should look the ingredients of those foods. Also they have to remember every dog does not need same kind of food. Some dogs have allergies with specific foods. Dogs food can be both vegetarian and non vegetarian. In both kind of food, mixture of proper ingredients is essential.

Dog owners have to provide the necessary ingredient in the dog food for their growth. Important minerals like zinc help grow calcium. Some essential vitamins like A, B, D, E should provide in dogs food. Also have to keep in mind that at different ages dogs need different kinds of food. Like an adult dog require meat, egg while the puppies need milk. Male and female dogs also require different kind of food. Especially during the pregnancy female dogs need to feed properly.

Dog’s health must be monitored periodically. There are signs of illness for the dogs. Like excessive vomiting, continuous nasal discharge, passes loose stool for several times or too much barking. Then there is a high possibility that dog’s health is not well enough.

Owning a dog put some additional responsibility to us. Proper care is essential for them. Feeding them proper food is one of the basic requirements. Owners need to be more aware and conscious about dog’s diet.

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