Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Are You an American Bulldog Type of Person?

How we choose our pets reflects the kind of person we are. These pets are often extensions of our personality and figuring out what kind of a dog you want as a pet may be tantamount to the kind of person you are. How does one figure out if one is cut out to take care of an American bulldog? Does a bulldog fit the kind of person you are?
Are You an American Bulldog Type of Person?
Finding Out What It Takes

Raising any dog breed takes a certain amount of patience and care and some dog breeds require more of these than others. If you are thinking of adopting an American bulldog, you may need to find out first what is needed in raising such a dog breed. Since bulldogs grow to become rather sizable creatures, you may need to consider the space you have in your home for a full grown American bulldog. You may also need to consider your budget and whether or not you have enough money for a big dog like the bulldog. Since bulldogs need to be trained, you will also need to consider the costs of training and getting your dog disciplined. These are just a few of the things you may need to think about when deciding on getting yourself a bulldog.

The Bulldog's Personality
If there is one thing that a bulldog owner needs to have in abundance, it is patience. These dogs are considered one of the hardest breeds to train. Getting them to do what you want can be considered quite a big feat at first but once you do get them trained and properly accustomed to your commands and edicts, they are very loyal pets that protect and love their owners. The bulldog is a very energetic and intelligent dog and if you do not see yourself as the kind of owner who can stimulate such intelligence or who can get their bulldogs to use this energy in a good way, you may be better off getting another kind of dog.

Family Pet
A lot of families often take in a bulldog as a pet due to the animal's inherent protective nature. For those who are thinking of getting a pet for the family, a bulldog is a pretty good choice since it has this protective instinct that can give you an assurance that it will be kind and gentle to your kids. Of course, pets like the bulldog need to undergo a little training and a lot of care for it to build some loyalty towards the family it is adopted in. If you think that your family is ready for a bulldog and you are ready for the responsibility of having one become part of your household, then you may be an American bulldog type of person after all.

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