Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Dangers of commercial dog food

Do you know that the commercial dog food that you are giving your dog is reducing your loved pet’s lifetime daily? Do you know that the commercial food that you are giving is slowly killing your dog because you have not had time to find the right kind of food for your pet?

If you had known this you certainly would not be feeding your pet with slow poison. Yes that is what you have been doing to your pet by feeding him highly processed commercial pet food. You might be finding it to hard to believe but that is the fact. Consult a good veterinarian to understand how artificial commercial food can affect your dog. All pets that consume commercial dog food are highly susceptible for premature death.

Do you know what most of the popular dog food brands are concerned about? They are certainly not concerned about your pet’s good health; they are just concerned about the money they make by the end of the day. So when you shop next time for pet food do not just pick the first pack that you see in your grocery store, spend some time to identify the right kind of food for your pet. Make sure that the product you are selecting does not have any chemical preservatives or genetically modified products in them. However, dog food that is marked ‘chemical-free’ can still have high concentration of chemicals in them. By the label ‘chemical-free’ all that they are certifying is that they have not added any special chemicals during the manufacturing process in their factory. It does not vouch that the product is totally chemical free. Chemicals can be in the form of chemically treated raw materials that is used in manufacturing the pet food. So your pet is not totally safe.

If you want to save your pet that is totally relying on you, from all these risks, you must opt for safer pet food such as natural pet food products. You can get quality dog food and cat food products that are totally made of natural products. These natural food products are not heavily processed so the taste is not taken away from the food, they are carefully prepared to retain the flavor and taste that your pets would love. You can also find oven-baked food. As they do not contain any regular chemical preservatives that are normally found in commercial dog food they are manufactured in small batches and you can get them shipped fresh to your door. Reliable natural dog food companies like Flint River Ranch supply fresh food within 30 days from the date of manufacturing. You do not have to pay for the door delivery.

You don’t have to feel guilty anymore about feeding your pet with slow poison. Say good bye to all those pet food companies that are out there to just get your money and kill your dog. Opt for natural pet food that your dog will enjoy and save your pet from all risks.

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