Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Dog fight in the Bronx

The fight over a tiny purebred Yorkie is brewing in the Bronx.

One family, which lost the dog, says another family wrongfully changed her micro-chip registration, and refuses to return her home.

Kylea Lester says it should be an open and shut case: a family dog lost in June, and then found by a total stranger in a Laundromat, all on video.

"That's my dog," Lester said.

But a street encounter with that stranger a few weeks ago led to a confrontation, which then led to harassment, petty larceny, and other charges being filed against Kylea.

The Lesters have Ivy's original AKC papers, vet bills, and a matching serial number to a microchip implanted in the dog's neck. But records show a woman identified as Deneen Williams now has her name on Ivy's chip registration.

The Bronx DA's office, which is moving forward with its criminal case against Kylea, says its investigation is ongoing.


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