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Dog Training Mistakes

Dog Training Mistakes

There are a lot of different points to keep in mind when training a dog. People often ask what the main reasons could be that might cause a dog training process to fail or deliver substandard results. By observing the actual process of training a dog we able to pick up on a number of reasons why people may fail in training their dogs effectively.

The first major cause for dog training failure would probably be a lack of patience with the dog . It is very easy for the dog trainer to be focused on the short term results, and frustration can creep in if they feel the dog isn’t showing the results they belive should be evident. Make no mistake, the process of training a dog takes a lot of patience and perseverance. The aim in any training exercise is to get the dog to behave consistently to commands. This will only be possible if the trainer is acting patiently and not displaying signs of frustration that the dog will pick up immediately. Do not try and rush the training process it will only offer to have the opposite effect.

The second reason why dog owners or dog trainers fail to train their dog effectively is down to inconsistencies in the training method or style. The aim is to always be consistent throughout the whole training process. By doing this the dog will start to understand what is expected of it and what the outcome of its obedience will be. A major part of a dogs learning is for it to understand that there is a reward for obedience and no reward for disobedience. If you reward the dog differently every time or reward when it is not due the dog will get confused and disillusioned With this in mind, consistency in training your dog and how you reward your dog is essential in achieving a satisfactory result from your training efforts.

Another reason for failure might be treating your dog as an object instead of a participant. You have to keep in mind that there are two participants involved in and during the dog training process, you and the dog. Training a dog is not just running through a whole bunch of techniques and hoping that a well trained well mannered dog will appear at the end of the process. It involves a relationship being build upon and nurtured whereby you and the dog start to understand and respect each other. This is part of the reason why so many of us like to have dogs as pets, they are not just little robots but complex animals with emotional needs. Always include a time in your training session for you and the dog to bond and just enjoy each others company. It will do wonders for the dogs self confidence and will make the training process a truly enjoyable one.

Keep these few things in mind while training your dog and you will be well on your way to making it a success. Your dog will be a happy dog, and capable of obeying and behaving to the standards. It will make the process of training your dog a lot more enjoyable and will release the stress off the dog as well as the trainer.

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