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Freshwater Tropical Fish Aquarium - Air Pumps & Filters

Air pump is a machine which pushes air all the way through the tubing for different uses such as powering a sponge filter, as an ornament in the freshwater tropical fish aquarium, incorporates oxygen to the water, increases surface agitation or simply adds bubbles as part of the decor. This air pump can be purchased at leading pet stores and through online stores offering freshwater tropical fish sale.

Features of an air pump include the tubing needed to operate the pump and a check valve if the air pump is submerged in water. The check valve is used to avoid the water from draining back off through your pump if there is an outage power or if the air pump breaks down. The gang valve is used to power several applications with one pump only. However the gang valve is not applicable as substitute for a check valve. You still need the check valve when using the gang valve especially if your pump is below the water level. The air pumps have two major kinds. The very handy electric air pump, which, as the name suggests, is electric operated. This type has different varieties also, like the single outlet, multiple outlets which is useful in putting over one airline tubing, and the power multiple, with one pump and no gang valve. The other kind is the battery operated. It is functional in power outages but is not advisable for longer use.

Air pump brands that are available in US are Tetra Whisper Air Pump and TetraTec Deep Water Air Pumps. There are also slightly unpopular brands like, marine land air master air pump, elite air pumps, and the aquarium pharmaceuticals Rena air pumps. The UK brands are the TetraTec air pump, Rena Aquarium Air Pumps 100 and the Clear Seal. Canadian brand is also available like the Hagen Air Pump.

Freshwater tropical fish aquarium air pump applications and paraphernalia include air, stones, bubble wands, decorative stuffs, skimmers, and the sponge filters. The instruction on how to set up your air pump is also included in the set of paraphernalia.

Tropical tank filtration goes hand in hand with air pumps. It is also a necessity in maintaining a freshwater tropical fish aquarium. The three major types of filtration are:


Chemical filtration helps enhance your water. This is used in removing particular substances, adjusting hardness and Ph levels and removing medication after a disease treatment. Combined with the Test Kit, filters are of great help in managing the water supply.


The biological aquarium supplement is used in increasing the friendly bacterial inhabitants of your aquarium and filtering the bad ones.


This simply works like a strainer which is very useful unless the filter becomes clogged. Mechanical filter boost water level, conditions, and lessen the growth of hazardous nitrates that may accumulate in the water.

There are different types of filters that are available like, Under gravel Filters (UGF), Corner Filters/Box Filters, Sponge Filters, Trickle (Wet-Dry) Filters, Power Filters, Biowhell Filters, Canister Filters, and Fluidized Bed Filters. You can search through internet to know more about these filters and the freshwater tropical fish sale.

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