Monday, 11 August 2008

How to Make a Free Dog Bed

Make a dog bed for free from two discarded couch cushions and some stuffing. Fits a small to medium sized dog.

How to Make a Free Dog Bed
  1. Take two discarded couch cushions.
  2. Set aside the best cushion (Cushion #1) for the base.
  3. Cut along the seams of Cushion #2 to remove the fabric.
  4. Cut this fabric into strips 14 to 16 inches wide.
  5. Sew the best three strips end-to-end into one long strip.
  6. Lay the strip like a horseshoe around the edges of Cushion #1.
  7. Leave an extra 2 inches at each end and cut off the rest.
  8. Turn this long strip inside out and fold in half along its length.
  9. Sew a seam 1/2 inch from the cut edges to form a tube.
  10. Leave two inches unsewn at each end.
  11. Turn the tube inside out so the good side faces out.
  12. Stuff firmly with soft materials.
  13. Neatly sew the ends closed.
  14. Pin the tube onto Cushion #1 the way you want it.
  15. Sew to Cushion #1 along the back end with double thread.
  • Have your dog lie down on Cushion #1. There needs to be an extra 5 or 6 inches of space on three sides around the dog
  • If your strip is not long enough, add more strips as needed
  • When sewing the ends, try to get them to match each other
  • When arranging the tube on Cushion #1, hide the seam underneath
  • The tube will wrinkle when bent. Arrange it so the wrinkles look uniform
  • Use thread that matches the fabric to hide imperfections
  • The tube can also be sewn along the front end for extra strength
  • Add your dog's favorite blanket for a removable, washable cover
  • Remove all pins before your dog gets into the bed

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