Saturday, 9 August 2008

What You Should Receive When You Buy Your Chihuahua Puppy

Congratulations! You've taken all the steps to ensure the Chihuahua puppy you buy has the highest possible chance of growing into a happy and healthy adult. You've selected a Chihuahua puppy from the litter and you're ready to pay for him and take him home.

Here's what you should receive from the breeder, in addition to your new Chihuahua puppy...

1. Sales Contract
You should receive the sales contract with all the terms and conditions you and the breeder have agreed to abide by and have both signed. The contract should also have, at least, a 48-hour health guarantee where the breeder agrees to refund or exchange the puppy if he is found to be sick when you take him for his Veterinarian check up after you get him.
What You Should Receive When You Buy Your Chihuahua Puppy
2. AKC Certificate or AKC Registration Application
You should receive the AKC Certificate which shows the puppy is registered with the AKC if the breeder has already sent the papers in and had the puppies registered. Otherwise you should receive an AKC Registration Application which the breeder has filled out which you will need to send off to the AKC to have your puppy registered.

3. Health clearances
You should see the OFA and CERF certificates for the puppies parents and grandparents. You can get photocopies of these from the breeder.

4. Pedigree
You should receive a piece of paper which outlines the pedigree (family tree) of your puppy.

5. Medical Records
You should receive all the medical records for the puppy up to this day. This will include information on which vaccinations the puppy has had and when. Information on when the puppy was wormed. And a general health clearance signed by a Veterinarian.

6. Advice on feeding
The breeder should also give you advice on what food, and how much, to feed your puppy.

7. Photos of the puppy and parents (optional)
It's also nice if the breeder has some photos of your puppy when he or she was really young, to give you, for keep sake. And possibly some photos of the puppies parents that she can give you too. So you can start your photo album ;-)

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