Friday, 25 July 2008

Beekeeping Equipment

A right set of gear and equipment is always required as a part of beekeeping. This beekeeping equipment can ensure you proper safety and protects you from the bees. Sometimes the bees are so dangerous that it can kill a person, so it is always advisable to have beekeeping equipment up to the required standard. The people who are beginners in the beekeeping business require necessary beekeeping equipments and specific pointers. There are many things a person should consider before heading to get honey from the beehives.

First step is to see that you are able to keep bees away from your sensitive parts like face, neck and nose. You can use a protective veil around, so that the bees are not able to enter your costume. Veil can also be considered as a part of the beekeeping equipment. There are many types of veil which are tie down veils, head veils, shoulder veils and zip up veils. You should choose a veil in which you are most comfortable but off course keeping in mind the safety first. Normally veils are not very costly and are affordable.

Always hire a professional smoker for the beehives. Professional smokers should produce enough amount of smoke that should work on dozens of beehives. But if you are bit low in your budget you can choose a less expensive smoker which can work on five to six beehives at a single time. But always take care and make sure that bee smokers wear leather billows, protective shield, hooks to hang and other required beekeeping equipments.

Next thing is to consider is to a person should have beekeeping equipment like full body protective suit, gloves and long sleeves. However, if a person has to improve its beekeeping skills, it is always useful to work without gloves to know and understand the temper of bees. It is also preferable to work with a hook ended tool with a scraper on the opposite side. Hook can be use to lift the frame from the hive. The main benefit of the hook is frame is lifted without using any hand. The time when the frame is removed; you can use a scraper to clean up the buildup and dirt. Cleaning can help to keep it free from the parasites. For more information on beekeeping equipment you can always take the help of the internet. Even you can purchase beekeeping equipment online with great discounts and offers.

By Katie Appleby

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