Thursday, 24 July 2008

Not for the weak stomached

Caution: Do not read this while eating lunch!

Guinea pig festival in Peru

An Andean woman holds a 'cuy' or guinea pig dressed as a miner during a fashion show at a guinea pig festival in Huacho, Peru.

The one-day festival includes an animal show and a food and fashion contest which features the guinea pig, native to the Andes.

The guinea pigs spend the day being dressed up...

... pampered...

... and fattened up.

Yes, fattened up. Many of us think of the guinea pig as a cute pet, but in parts of South America, it is a major source of food.

Warning ... you might want to stop reading here.

Guinea pigs can be served fried, roasted or in a casserole.

Those of a sensitive disposition should probably not view the next two pictures.

Around 65 million guinea pigs are eaten in Peru every year.

The meat tastes like rabbit or the dark meat of chicken, in case you were wondering.

Source: Telegraph

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