Thursday, 24 July 2008

Useful and fun facts about chihuahuas

The Chihuahua information in the historical record shows images of the Chihuahua's ancestor on Toltec building stones. The Toltecs lived in what is now Mexico around 800 AD. The website shares the following: "The Toltecs had a breed of dog they called the "Techichi". And the carvings on the stones at Huejotzingo give a full head view and picture of an entire dog that closely resembles the modern-day Chihuahua. From this evidence, we can safely assume that the Chihuahua is a descendent of the Techichi."

As an officially recognized breed, Chihuahua information says the very first Chihuahua to be registered by the American Kennel Club in 1904 was "Midget". Chihuahuas are considered a Toy Breed and should not weigh more than 6 pounds if you are planning to "show" them. Like anyone, overeat and you get fat--and that includes fur people!Useful and fun facts about chihuahuas

There are long-haired and short-haired Chihuahuas. One piece of Chihuahua information states that the long hair in Chihuahuas is a recessive genetic trait. But, just like any recessive trait, most pups will be predominantly short haired. That is, two recessive genes must match up--one from each parent--before the recessive trait can be expressed. Breeders who strive for this trait realize that they must mate two long-haired Chis in order to stand any chance at all of getting long-haired offspring.

Coat and eye color are varied in Chihuahuas. Coats are referred to as blond, brindle, black, brown, fawn, blue (= steel gray), and splashed. Chihuahua information has it that eye color just varies in shades of brown, while the large eyes are luminous and well lubricated with tears.

Distinctive ears give Chihuahuas their character. Most Chihuahua information says that "normally" their ears are upright at a 45 degree angle. Anything other than that is the "character" being expressed by the individual animal. Accompanied by angle of tail and head position, Chi owners soon learn what these expressions mean--it's Chi Talk!

Chihuahua information agrees almost unanimously that Chihuahuas love to be touched, but not by children. Children are a bit too loud and rough for the ears and delicate bodies of this dainty breed. Those 45-degree angled Chi ears pick up sound a bit too well to handle the piercing screams of children's glee or anguish, while their chests can be fractured under the clumsy hugs of young ones. Otherwise, Chis absolutely adore attention and will burrow at your side and under your arm, hoping to get in a nose lick! If you ignore their demands for attention, they'll trip you up or bug you until you give in.

Prepare to have another "person" in your household when you get a Chi, as Chihuahua information says THEY do NOT think of themselves as pets.

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