Thursday, 24 July 2008

Bringing The Bulldog Puppy Home

Once you have taken care of all the paper works at the breeder’s place, you are now ready to bring the bulldog puppy home. Bringing a bulldog pup home could be very exciting for the whole family. Bringing The Bulldog Puppy HomeChildren usually love puppies and they tend to be overly excited about having something and someone to play with that they would tend to pester the puppy a lot. To give your bulldog puppy sometime to recover from being separated from its family, you should explain to the kids that the puppy is just like a baby that needs rest and should be taken care of very well. You must explain to your kids that the puppy just got to your home and it still need some time to adjust. If the kids must play with your bulldog pup, they should do so in moderation so that the bulldog puppy will who get exhausted. You should always remind the kids that the puppy needs a lot of rest and cuddling.

When it comes to naming the bulldog pup, you should let your kids choose the name. Although it would be tempting to do the naming yourself, the thing is, whoever kid gets to give a dog a name would always own that dog so give your kid that sense of ownership and let him learn about bulldog puppy care.

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