Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Take Some Moments to Take Pictures of Your Pets

Nothing compares the feeling of being with your friend always, actually not just an ordinary friend but best friend of all. You can always count on them and put a smile in your face even in your darkest place. If you thought that those words that I mention above are for special people you loved, think twice!

You may be wondering who that person that I mention on my introductory is, actually IT is not a person but a living mammal that you usually fun to have with. Cats or dogs, no matter what kind of mammal are they as long as you consider them as pet; surely you will not regret having them in your family picture.

Most pet lovers love to take pictures of their pets. It can be anywhere or how they pets do. But most of the pet lover wishes to picture their pets in their most active times. Usually on their activeness the cuteness of your pet can be put out. Being playful and all, there are times that they can be too annoying with some things that they do. They can take down your garbage can or broke your sandals or even accidentally bites you. But of course pets are still animal; they still have the nature of being aggressive sometimes and accidentally hurt us physically.

Nonetheless, we can't blame them for doing such things; it is a matter of training and having a lot of patience dealing with your pets. But for most pet lover they do have lot of patience in taking good care of their pets. What is important is the fun company and of course the loyalty that they have on you. Loyalty is priceless that even man can hardly give to you, but with your pets, loyalty is the most special gift you can have from them.

By treating your pets in a nice way, surely the loyalty that you expect to have in them would not be a problem. They can protect you from strangers that might attack you in the street, defend you from other pets and walk with you in the park. Those are some quality moments you can have on your pets. And during those moments you might wish to have a little tribute for your pet for the loyalty that they can give you. You might want to bring a camera with you and take a picture each moment you have with your pet.

One tribute you can have for your pet is to let the world know how you love them. Upload some picture on the internet of your pet. You can also have a picture of your pet with you and tell everyone how much you love your pet.

Eliza Maledevic Ayson

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