Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Why Dura Bull Dog Bedz?

As long time dog owners, for years we have been frustrated with the dog beds currently on the market. Most are made of surplus cloth with various fill materials ranging from wood chips to Styrofoam pellets. None provide what we consider to be essential to the comfort and well being of our dogs not to mention the health of our home environment.

For these reasons, we decided to create the ultimate dog bed. This dog bed, aptly named Dura-Bull after my partner's bulldog, Otis (that's his image in our logo) would have the following features:

Resistance to pest infestation such as fleas and ticks. Most cloth and fabric dog beds are breeding grounds for pest infestation. And while some dog beds can be washed, this is only a temporary fix to an on-going problem.

Resistance to the transfer of odors, oils and dirt. Again, most cloth and fabric dog beds act as conduits to the build up of odors and the transference of oils and dirt. And like pest infestation, this poses a serious health issue.

Ergonomic and skeletal support. Dogs like humans need and deserve a dog bed that will be supportive to their skeletal makeup, especially older dogs. "Fill" dog beds do not provide this support as the dog's posture is allowed conform to whatever angle the dog bed provides. Not what is best for the dog.

Ease of cleaning. For those of us who have had cloth dog beds and experienced washing the cover, you know how much of a hassle it is and after a few times it makes more sense to purchase a new dog bed! And, if the dog urinates on a cloth dog bed you might as well just throw it away.

Indoor and outdoor use. There is no reason to have multiple dog beds for one dog. Try using a cloth dog bed outside and then have it rain!

Resistance to water and weather. Cloth dog beds are a nightmare when they get wet and are definitely not suited for all weather conditions such as rain, snow, and extreme heat.

Multiple usages. A dog bed should be easily transportable for usage in the home, SUV, truck, boat or campground.

We believe that most people purchase a dog bed by their own comfort standards not the dogs. Keep in mind, dogs possess a fur coat and do not sweat.

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